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Indiana State Poultry Association

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Indiana Eggs and Poultry
Quality, Safety, and Your Family

"Whether these family-owned farms are large or small scale operations, food safety and animal care are top priorities of our farmers. They care about the quality and safety of the products that feed their own families, their local communities, and communities across the country. Our eggs and poultry products are safe, economical, and wholesome sources of protein."

Boiler Vet Camp

Applications for Boiler Vet Camp are now open! "Boiler Vet Camp gives want-to-be veterinarians or veterinary technicians the chance to live out their dreams. This camp is designed for students who are interested in becoming veterinary healthcare professionals and provides a preview into the real and vast fields of veterinary medicine...Through presentations, demonstrations, laboratories, visits and in-depth, hands-on activities."

Moms Choose Turkey

The Moms Choose Turkey web site is live! Visit for facts and recipes to learn about how turkey is an excellent choice for your family!

Purdue Poultry Publications

Browse Purdue's collection of poultry publications! Find information on the science and care of Broilers, Ducks, Exotics, Geese, Layers, Quail, Ratites, Turkeys, and beyond!

New on the ISPA Web Site - Environment!

The poultry industry is conscious of its environmental footprint -- learn more and find handy links on our new Environment page.

Egg Nutrition Resources from the Egg Nutrition Center

The ENC has many excellent resources published for nutrition incorporating eggs into a healthy yet affordable diet. Visit their web site or our Egg Recipes page to see a variety of posters and helpful (and colorful!) nutrition guides and posters!

Back-to-Food Safety Tips for Parents

Children are at high risk of contracting foodborne illness because their immune systems are still developing. In fact, children under the age of five have the highest incidence of Campylobacter, E. coli, and Salmonella infection among any other age group in the United States. This highlights the importance of following the USDA’s four food safety steps whenever preparing meals... Learn more!

Why I Farm

Why I Farm: The Journey here to see great videos and more behind the scenes material.

Indiana's National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) Blood Testing School Information:

Two Classroom Schools will be offered in April, 2015 at the Purdue - West Lafayette campus and Purdue - Southern Indiana Purdue Agricultural Center (SIPAC) in Dubois. The link to the Classroom Schools page can be found here.

The Online Blood Testing School is offered to individuals who have successfully completed an Indiana Classroom Blood Testing School (and are seeking re-certification). The link to the Online Blood Testing School can be found here.

The USDA Biosecurity for the Birds Calendars have arrived! Please contact our office ( or through our online form) if you would like to order a free calendar - or multiple copies for your 4-H poultry club, poultry barn at the county fair, or other poultry-related activities.

New on the ISPA Web Site - Biosecurity

While the ISPA has featured biosecurity information through various pages and programs, many useful publications -- including the contents of the 2013 Extension Packet -- are now available in one consolidated Biosecurity page.

New from the National Chicken Council - the Top 10 Ways Chicken Contributes to a Healthy Diet

Newly added to our Chicken nutrition and recipes page, this press release from the NCC lays out some of the reasons that make chicken an excellent part of a healthy diet!

Seven Reasons Why...

Check out this ad from the "Prairie Farmer Newspaper" in September 1926, it's a fun historical fact sheet about the ISPA!

From the Archives - The ISPA Bulletin

The ISPA recently unearthed a lovely collection of midcentury ISPA Bulletins.

Click here to see ALL of the Bulletin archives!