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Indiana State Poultry Association

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Indiana Eggs and Poultry
Quality, Safety, and Your Family

"Whether these family-owned farms are large or small scale operations, food safety and animal care are top priorities of our farmers. They care about the quality and safety of the products that feed their own families, their local communities, and communities across the country. Our eggs and poultry products are safe, economical, and wholesome sources of protein."

Women in Ag Program Coming to Region

An event focusing on women in agriculture is planned for next month in Merrillville. The annual Midwest Women in Agriculture Conference will feature presentations on "agvocacy," financing and business planning. Click here to view the flyer for more information. Click here for the full article from Inside Indiana Business.

"Amazing Meat"

'Amazing Meat' Video Tells Story of US Meat, Poultry Supply

Executives from meat and poultry companies big and small have added their voices and faces to a new video highlighting facts about today's amazing meat and poultry industry. The video called "Amazing Meat" shares the numerous benefits of the U.S. meat supply delivered by the industry's leaders themselves including affordability, nutrition, food safety, animal welfare and more. It was produced by the American Meat Institute.

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Boiler Vet Camp

Applications for Boiler Vet Camp are now open! "Boiler Vet Camp gives want-to-be veterinarians or veterinary technicians the chance to live out their dreams. This camp is designed for students who are interested in becoming veterinary healthcare professionals and provides a preview into the real and vast fields of veterinary medicine...Through presentations, demonstrations, laboratories, visits and in-depth, hands-on activities."

Moms Choose Turkey

The Moms Choose Turkey web site is live! Visit for facts and recipes to learn about how turkey is an excellent choice for your family!

Purdue Poultry Publications

Browse Purdue's collection of poultry publications! Find information on the science and care of Broilers, Ducks, Exotics, Geese, Layers, Quail, Ratites, Turkeys, and beyond!

New on the ISPA Web Site - Environment!

The poultry industry is conscious of its environmental footprint -- learn more and find handy links on our new Environment page.